vision & mission

Vission : “To be a supporting unit of UAD in its vision to be an internationally-recognized university
which is based on Islamic values by developing the international partnerships and activities in all
elements of the university”
Mission : “The Office of International Affairs supports the Universitas Ahmad Dahlan’s global vision by
providing leadership, raising awareness, facilitating the pursuit of international education and
encouraging global collaborations for the university community in the world”

“ Being a national standard university and producing graduates who are highly competitive and excel in
Islamic-based science and technology, being an international standard university in 2022”


1. Implementing Higher Education Catur Dharma to produce graduates who have national-level
academic competencies, uphold Islamic and national values, and prepare infrastructure towards
international standard universities.

2. Preparing students and alumni who have high integrity based on the values of Al Islam
Kemuhammadiyahan to realize the young generation of character and society cadres.

3. Implementing the development of science, technology, and art through research and its application
for the welfare of society.

4. Developing the conducive learning climate to produce the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual
intelligence graduates.

5. Developing the competency-based education system (hard skills and soft skills) that are integrated
with the business world and the public sector.

6. Implementing the academic management, human resource, finance, and quality based on planning
and information technology in order to create Good University Governance (GUG).

7. Making a performance management system based on a Balance Scorecard (BSC) as a quality
assurance tool and a performance assessment tool for implementing units of Universitas
Muhammadiyah Palembang to be motivated to excel.