UM Palembang has campuses within the South Sumatera Province.

A Campus
The main UM Palembang campus is set on 3.7 hectares and is located in Jl. Jend. A. Yani 13 Ulu Palembang. This campus is only ten minutes from the central business district, such as 16 Ilir Market, the
Grand Mosque of Palembang City and the Palembang City Council. The Faculty of Law, the Faculty of
Economics, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Science Engineering, the Faculty of Science A
griculture and Graduate program are located in the A Campus.

B Campus
The B campus is studiet on 1.7 hectares at Jl. Talang Banten 13 ulu Palembang. The Faculty of Medicine
and the Faculty of Islamic Studies are located in the B campus. This campus is only 500 meters From A

C Campus
The C campus is set on 73 hectares in the kec. Inderalaya Kab. Ogan Ilir. This Campus is established for
the trial plantation and the agritourism.

D Campus
The D campus is set on 12.3 hectares in the Kec. PemulutanKab. Ogan Ilir .This Campus will be
established for campus extension and students’ boarding house.

E Campus
The E campus is set on 108 hectares in kec. Banyu Lincir Kab. Mubah for plantations.

F Campus
the F campus is set on 0.8 hectraes in the Kec. Sungai Pinang Kab. Banyuasin for students’ boarding


Short Courses for International Students
UM Palembang offers short courses for international students in the area of language and
culture in particular the culture of South Sumatera Province and Palembang.
1. Bahasa Indonesia
2. Tenun Songket Palembang(Palembang Songket Woven)
3. Traditional Dance
4. History
5. Carving
Length of Courses
Length of short courses period starts from one week to three months. It may depend on the students’